23 Feb 2021

CBA: Australia Is On The Cusp Of A Housing Boom

"Solidifying the expectations of a lot of property experts, Australian house prices are expected to skyrocket, with Brisbane expected to rise by 9.5 per cent. However, CBA says it is all dependant of the interest rates remaining low." - Mitch Connolly, Senior Investment Analyst

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9 Feb 2021

Extension Granted - First Home Loan Deposit Scheme

"A common barrier to entry into property is being able to save up for suggested 20% deposit. With the First Home Loan Deposit Scheme, owners can get into their own home with at least a 5% deposit if they qualify. Huge opportunity!" - Matthew Lapish, Senior Investment Analyst

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27 Jan 2021

$2.4 Billion Wasted On Unused Gym Memberships

"Alarming research has shown over $2 billion worth of gym memberships go down the drain. Use the start of the year to review your financials and cut down on recurring expenses you might not need!" - Michael Jones, Senior Financial Strategist

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26 Jan 2021

QLD Tenants Pay Above Asking Price To Secure Housing

"Increased demand for housing is a great sign for landlords who have invested in the Brisbane region as vacancy rates are on the decline." - Mitch Connolly, Senior Investment Analyst

Families looking for rental properties in Greater Brisbane are facing intense competition in the tightest market in 10 years, with prospective tenants offering above the asking price just to secure a place.

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19 Jan 2021

Inception Finance Is The First Broker To Partner With WLTH!

"We're proud to be the first broker to partner with WLTH, a new lender that offers some of the lowest rates on the market across a diverse range of products. Owner-occupiers can get a 2.09% home loan with a 2.15% comparison rate. Don't hesitate to contact us to learn more." - Catherine Mapusua, General Manager

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11 Jan 2021

Home Loan Rates Were Slashed 6,000+ Times In 2020

"We must continue to emphasise the importance of checking your current interest rates, and seek professional advice about whether a refinance would benefit you! Start the year strong by understanding your finances to identify areas where you can save more money." - Catherine Mapusua, General Manager

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