WLTH Personal Finance Manager - Feature Highlight - Budgeting
Posted on: 30 Sep 2019

WLTH Personal Finance Manager - Feature Highlight - Budgeting

Brodie Haupt -

Managing Director, Inception Wealth Group

Since 2017 we have been helping our clients track and manage their finances more easily with the WLTH Platform, a PFM (Personal Finance Manager) tool which enables live tracking of all your finances in a secure read-only environment. 

We will be showcasing the different features to further educate you on what we think are the best features to utilise. 

Click here to find out more.  


If you would like to get onto the platform or would like to book in a refresher appointment to get the most out of the tool, then contact your Senior Financial Strategist today and they will organise this for you! 

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