State welcomes its 5 millionth Queenslander
Posted on: 15 May 2018

State welcomes its 5 millionth Queenslander

Queensland's population has officially hit 5 million on Tuesday.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk announced the "special arrival" in Queensland Parliament.

"We often host heads of government and heads of state," she said.

"But none of them hold the pride of place that belongs to this very special person - we are about to welcome the 5 millionth Queenslander."

The 5 million milestone was reached on Tuesday afternoon, with a Queensland government "population counter" clicking over about 3pm.

Overseas and interstate migration was up by 50,000 in the past year, with 19,000 coming from interstate.

New South Wales provided the greatest influx of migrants into Queensland.

Ms Palaszczuk said more than 12,000 per year, or 230 a week, moved from NSW to Queensland "seeking a better life".

"Maybe it's just because they want to be on the winning side for State of Origin," she said.

In the past 25 years, Queensland had the highest population growth of any state. There were 60,000 babies born in Queensland last year.

Ms Palaszczuk said Queensland had always been the land of opportunity.

"In February, 4200 new jobs were created, employment growth - at 4.6 per cent - is the highest in Australia," she said.

"Everything we do in this house, is for that 5 millionth Queenslander."

Ms Palaszczuk said somewhere in Queensland, a mum and dad would be eager to meet their new arrival.

"The whole family will want to know - is it a boy or a girl?" she told Parliament.

"And the doctor will say: congratulations! It's a Queenslander. Welcome to the family, our 5 millionth little one."

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