Overcome Adversity & Stress With 'A Sound Life'
Posted on: 21 Sep 2021

Overcome Adversity & Stress With 'A Sound Life'

A Sound Life helps people in need build the resilience required to cope with adversity and stress. We do this by using music, yoga and meditation to reinstate harmony between their hearts and minds.

A Sound Life is the first Australian charity connecting communities with the healing power of music, yoga and meditation to people in need as a free service. Our current programs are based in Australia, however, our vision is global, with past programs in Africa, Indonesia and India. We exist to meet a growing need for sustained wellness in our world including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. The most vulnerable people in our communities often have the least access to the tools for transformation, resilience, connection and empowerment. We are committed to changing that and to helping them confidently surf the waves of life and realise they can experience complete joy within their lives.

Inception Finance is a proud supporter of A Sound Life. It's uplifting to see them help so many individuals and communities take that next step to a happier life - and we are excited to support them further as they aim to extend their reach past Australian waters. To become a volunteer, donate or find out more about A Sound Life, please visit their website: https://asoundlife.org/

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Our compassionate and committed team of skilled volunteers include musicians, yoga and meditation teachers. These volunteers deliver regular programs to people in health care facilities such as hospitals and disability centres, while also delivering programs to underserved communities such as youth at risk and women's shelters. Dealing with adversity of any kind can impact an individual’s healthy perspective, so we go over and above to ensure the people we serve feel like they are taking control and reinstating the harmony required to bring joy back into their lives, while building resilience to overcome adversity.

Since 2014, we’ve serviced over 50 facilities, positively impacting over 30,000 people in our community who need it the most. We have over 350 committed and affirming ASL volunteers who have delivered over 2500 free music, yoga and meditation sessions to date. These numbers are a testament to who we are as an organisation, the culture we have created, our ambition and dedication, what we’ve achieved and the way we serve.

We have created deep and intimate connections within the communities we have served, which has shown our capacity to heal, inspire and transform. Adversity is often compounded by skewed perspective. Restoring a healthy perspective on life can help deal with - and even triumph over - adversity. By providing release, reprieve and the opportunity to reset, we make it our business to make this a possibility for every person in need.

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One of our current programs, Sound Connections with St Vincent’s Hospital, has had an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from the patients, the diversional therapist and our very own staff and volunteers. We’ve witnessed the joy and resilience our tools can deliver time and time again, which is why we are so sure they can make a difference to all lives and why we're energised to do just that.

We care so deeply about enabling people to live a fulfilled and harmonious life, and seeing the rejuvenation, energy, peace and resilience that our programs bring to each individual, fills our hearts with love and makes us feel so lucky to be able to continue serving the community.