Logan & Gold Coast Faster Rail Announced
Posted on: 15 Sep 2021

Logan & Gold Coast Faster Rail Announced

"Easy access to public transport is an earmark for future development in the area." - Matthew Lapish, Senior Investment Analyst

We're planning to connect our growing communities with more frequent and reliable train services between Brisbane, Logan and the Gold Coast.

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South East Queensland (SEQ) has experienced significant growth over the last 2 decades. This growth is expected to continue with an extra 1.2 million people living in the region by 2036. To harness this growth and support our region’s thriving communities we must keep evolving the rail network so that it plays a bigger role in moving people around SEQ.

To support growing population and rail patronage demand between Brisbane, Logan and the Gold Coast, we need to double the number of Beenleigh and Gold Coast train services over the next 20 years. The rail line between Kuraby and Beenleigh is a key capacity bottleneck on the rail corridor.

The Queensland Government, together with the Australian Government, is planning to increase the number of tracks between Kuraby and Beenleigh from 2 to 4 tracks, with modernised rail systems, station upgrades and level crossing removals. Currently, trains between Kuraby and Beenleigh share a single track in each direction, limiting the number of peak services that can run. All-stop Beenleigh trains need to be held to 1 side for approximately 4 minutes to allow Gold Coast express trains to pass through during peak periods.

Additional tracks will require a wider corridor and track straightening in some areas.

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Key features

Logan and Gold Coast Faster Rail will deliver:

  • double the capacity of the Gold Coast Rail Line
  • approximately 20km of new tracks and rail systems between Kuraby Station and Beenleigh Station, increasing the corridor from 2 tracks to 4 tracks
  • new train signalling technology between Salisbury and Varsity Lakes
  • 7 station upgrades and 2 station relocations to improve accessibility, safety and amenity, including platform straightening, and new pedestrian bridges
  • a new Loganlea Station will be delivered as a part of the Loganlea Station Relocation and Park 'n' Ride Expansion project
  • a new Trinder Park Station relocated to the straightened section of track to improve train speeds and connectivity to the rail network
  • 5 level crossing removals at Kuraby, Woodridge, Bethania, Holmview and Beenleigh
  • Park 'n' Ride upgrades, including a new multi-story Park 'n' Ride at Beenleigh Station with an integrated bus interchange
  • extension of the cattle siding at Holmview
  • duplication of the rail tunnel under Beenleigh Town Square
  • dedicated active transport facilities and paths along the corridor.


The Australian Government and Queensland Government are funding preconstruction. Investment ID 2008163

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A plan for faster rail

Delivering the Logan and Gold Coast Faster Rail Project will increase capacity and reliability, allowing express trains to pass all-stop trains. Widening and straightening the corridor will also enable more faster rail services in the future. 

Connect growing communities

Most trips in the Logan area are made by car. To increase public transport use, we need more turn up and go all-stops train services between Kuraby and Beenleigh. The project will enable frequent and flexible connections for local communities.

Support local jobs

Transport is an essential element of Queensland’s COVID-19 Economic Recovery Plan. The project will enable better access to employment through faster journey times, more peak period services, more accessible stations and less time waiting at level crossings. 

Make accessibility easy

We are making rail more accessible for everyone, through station upgrades and relocations, improvements to pedestrian and cycling access, changes to local roads, and improvements to parking. Any station upgrades will be designed and constructed in compliance with the Disability Discrimination Act (1992) to provide improve accessibility for all users. 

Improve amenity and safety

Upgraded train stations will include more lighting and CCTV, and better connections to local facilities to improve amenity and safety for people using stations and surrounding areas. 

Manage impacts and changes

We are undertaking investigations to identify sensitive areas and understand more about the existing conditions and environment. Feedback from the community will assist us to understand potential impacts and develop management strategies.

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